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Feb 15, 2024
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Keen to build your CV, learn new skills and stand out from your colleagues?

Tired of paying huge fees for medical courses?

As a special offering to SDN, courses at ‘Surgeryskills.com’ are now available at heavily discounted prices.

Hamid Tehrani, Consultant Plastic surgeon in Liverpool, has developed the online courses to improve clinical skills, self-confidence and CVs/career opportunities in an affordable way.
The courses are entirely online and pre-filmed, so you can sign up at any time, take the courses at leisure, and get a certificate of completion at the end to add to your CV/portfolio.
Over 7,500 courses have so far been signed up to worldwide.

To access the courses, please go to Course Registration - Surgeryskills.com
The courses (and discount codes) are:

Introduction to Surgery – this course teaches reef knots, tying at depth, basic instruments, theatre etiquette etc, and is now £10 (approx. $13) for SDN (usual price £59/$75). At checkout, please use code ‘SDNintro'

Suturing skills - Covers the suturing techniques needed for skin procedures, and is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons. This is offered at just £39 (approx. $49) (usual price £119/$150). At checkout, please use code ‘SDNsuture'

Minor procedure skills - teaches correct techniques for everyday procedures including biopsies, shave excision, formal excision, cyst and abscess excision, wound closure in complex areas etc. Again, this is being offered for just £39 (approx. $49) (usual price is £189/$238). At checkout, please use code ‘SDNprocedure'

Please note – these offers will only run until 1st March 2024

We hope you enjoy the courses, and use the certificates to build your CV and career opportunities without spending a fortune!

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