Jun 8, 2015
Can anyone give me an example of an attending general surgeons weekly schedule? I've looked in many places but haven't found many examples of work schedule, just number of hours worked. Also possibly the work schedule of a surgical oncologist? Thanks for any responses.

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Attending general surgeon schedules will very widely. At our community hospital, 8 surgeons from 3 different groups take shared call for unreferred admissions during the week, with one surgeon covering each weekend. Within one group, one surgeon out of 4 will be the on-call guy for their group any given week. Not a bad schedule, but if we had a rough week that included a number of late night/emergency cases, then they'd look pretty beat up by week's end.

The academic surg onc attendings I worked with had a similar plan with call coverage spread out among the 5 surgeons during the week, each one covering a weekend for the group. Each attending has clinic once a week and only came in for emergencies, which were rare. The in-house fellows took care of floor/ICU pages and outside calls.
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Mar 19, 2014
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If I were a general surgeon:

Monday - Office hours
Tuesday - Elective cases + call + try to dodge operating, seeing consults, being in hospital on call
Wednesday - Elective cases + recover from call
Thursday - Office hours
Friday - Administrate stuff, ambulatory cases, run away from whiny spouse and kids (golf), lunch/dinner/hotel with mist(e)ress/scrub nurse/PA/secretary.
Saturday - FAMILY DAY
Sunday - Sleep in or take more call for the money.