SURVEY OPEN: 2023 Situational Judgment Test Experience Survey (international programs)

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Complete the 2023 Situational Judgment Test Experience survey.

HPSA/SDN has the 2023 SJT Experience Survey available to anyone preparing for SJTs (especially Casper and PREview). If you completed the 2022 survey, you are welcome to go ahead and complete the survey again. This survey consists of multiple pages and will take up to 10 minutes. You can also place yourself on a waitlist for a study focusing more on school-run SJTs run through platforms like Kira Talent, to be released later in the year.

Your feedback matters!
Residency directors in certain specialties have been interested in including situational judgment assessments (such as Altus/Acuity Insights Casper/Duet/Snapshot suite) as part of the residency selection process to get a better sense of a candidate's fit with their programs. With the number of applications each program receives increasing dramatically, it is harder to select a diverse group of highly competent residents for their programs.

US Medical Students interested in anesthesiology, internal medicine, interventional radiology, OB/GYN, ophthalmology, surgery, and urology may have been asked to take the Acuity Insights suite this spring/summer before the ERAS application opened. Canadian medical residents have all had to take these assessments as part of the Canadian Resident Matching Service, usually in the fall.

Very little is known about how residency applications are reviewed with the Casper/Duet/Snapshot data. While research supports the use of SJT's in general to identify residents with potential challenges with professionalism once they have begun training, it is unclear how program directors are using these data in addition to signals and other information (like Other Impactful Experiences) to come up with their shortlist and final list of residents for the Match.

We need your response!
Despite the inclusion of these assessments in selecting Canadian medical students and residents, it is surprisingly difficult to find openly accessible data that supports the use of SJT's and Acuity Insights' assessments in selection of students and residents in Canada. No publicly available data exists to support the claim that these tests properly evaluate competencies or their development in students. We hope this survey can draw insight on how these assessments determine the careers of many future physicians, especially those from non-allopathic medical schools (such as osteopathic medicine, FMG, or IMG applicants).

Casper has been used for US medical school admissions for a few schools for at least a decade, and while many do not know their quartile result (that was only disclosed beginning in 2019), we are interested to see whether scores for residency selection are better than the scores for medical school admission. (We presume not because the test-taking pools are different.) This year saw an expansion of SJTs in medical school admissions, and more information has been made available on preparing for these assessments. We want to stay current with these trends to guide future applicants and students facing these SJTs.

Applicants to Caribbean programs may have to take an SJT!
We know that AUC (MD) and Ross (DVM) applicants should take the Casper exam as part of their admissions application. We are missing information about how many Caribbean or non-US programs use Casper or other SJTs. How do the admissions committees of these programs use Casper results in admissions decisions?

Adding to What We Know
Many of our findings from the 2022 survey align with the NAAHP Testing Task Force report released last summer. This includes concerns about proctoring, consistency of scoring, and concern that applicants are paying for validity research. But we need more student voices to gain a louder voice to advocate for future health professional school applicants.

Fill out this survey and help future applicants become physicians in their chosen profession!

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