Switch to PGY-2 Psychiatry

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Aug 20, 2019
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How difficult is it to obtain a PGY-2 spot in Psych after doing intern year in a different field?

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If you land it, you'll likely have no electives in PGY-III and PGY-IV. Count on doing a bunch of IP unit and C/L rotations in 3rd 4th year, when your colleagues are doing other rotations, so you will be a bit of the odd (wo)man out in the program, but not the end of the world.
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Many psych programs have dedicated PGY2 spots because it is relatively common to switch in to the specialty after a different intern year. They are usually filled outside the match. Call PDs at programs of interest and ask if they have PGY2 slots.
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This is easy if you are flexible about moving to where spots are. It is nearly impossible to sit in a city and hope something comes up.
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