Switching into RadOnc

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I am a current radiology resident PGY-2 and have really been struggling with constant thoughts about switching into radiation oncology. I initially chose between the two during medical school, but my experiences as an intern really changed my perspective and radiology hasn't been the holy grail specialty I thought it would be. One of the biggest problems I am having with radiology is the lack of patient interaction. I initially thought this would be a plus after the plethora of negative experiences in medical school, but I really miss having the role of a clinician. One my favorite rotations so far has been nuclear medicine because of the targeted clinical encounters and gratification I received from providing therapy.

Well, anyways, what I am wondering is what is your advice for managing a switch like this. I figured that I would have to spend time performing research in a department before I could even apply, meaning I would apply in 2014 for a spot in 2016. Are there paid positions such as research fellowships for this? Do residency spots ever open up off-cycle either because of additional funding or residents leaving? Thanks!