Switching prelim medicine program

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Jun 13, 2020
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Anyone have any idea on switching prelim programs after starting? I matched to an advanced rads program but i am not at all happy with the prelim medicine program I matched to (made a huge mistake on my ROL). I need to switch out either to any open medicine or surgery programs. Apologize for not going into detail but the ROL mistake I made is substantial and to be honest, I don't think I can't seriously work a year at the place I matched to after going to orientation and figuring out my living and travelling situation. I'm also willing switch to any open surgery prelim spots. I developed a bit of a late interest in IR as well and I feel a surgery prelim would at least give me a better exposure to the field. However I didn't apply to any because I heard mixed things about the need for a surgery prelim on the trail. I know the risks involved, rocking the boat etc, and it's all things I'm considering. Right now, I wanted to just get some realistic ideas/ experiences on how to practically approach this kind of switch mid-early residency. How much did I screw myself here?

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