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Mar 12, 2003
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How difficult is it to switch into a different psychiatry program after your PGY-1 year. Do you have to somehow convince your program director to let you out of your contract. As you may suspect, I did not get into one of my top choice programs, and have no hesitations about switching into another program if I don't like it.


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Sep 6, 2001
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First you only sign contracts for one year. So if you want to leave after a year you simply do not renew your contract. As to how "easy" it is - depends upon why you want to switch, what kind of track record you have at your current residency and how benevolent your current program is. In a lot of programs - if you've been a good resident and "just don't feel comfortable" or have personal reasons for wanting to go elsewhere - your program will most likely support you. Now getting in somewhere else may take some leg work and planning ahead. Some programs take in PGY2s from other internship programs i.e. medicine, surgery etc. - for these you would need to check FREIDA and see when their application deadlines were. If your wanting to go somewhere next year you may have already missed a lot of the deadlines. Otherwise its a matter of emailing PDs at programs your interested in and seeing if they have an opening. Positions come open and different times and some luck is involved in finding them. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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