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Jun 24, 2002
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saw this forum, and wanted to give you all some hope!

I graduated Class of 2000, UCLA,and have the distinct "honor" of being the LAST person to be admitted into the class. On THE DAY prior to beginning orientation, they called me from the admissions office, and asked if I would like to join their class the next day! 6 hours later I was on a plane to LA!

As it gets close to "crunch time", I recommend once every month or so, to write a nice letter, brief one, and express your continued interest in the school.

When there are any last minute cancellations, etc... you may be getting consideration to getting in. I happened to call the week before UCLA orientation, and they said they'd put a "sticky" on my file, in case anything came up.

UCLA is notoriously slow, slow ,slow. They were my very first interview, in Sep or Oct, and I finally got in!
Otherwise, I'd have headed off to UC Davis (already had an apartment and everything!)

Good luck!