Taking both COMLEX Level 3 and Step 3

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Oct 2, 2014
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Hey SDN,

US DO IM resident here planning to go into cards fellowship. Currently Im scheduled to take the COMLEX Level 3 and use UWorld to study. Given that UWorld also prepares me for the Step 3, what do you guys think about taking the Step 3 too? Does it have any competitive advantage, esp for a more competitive fellowship like cards? Doing research I have found mixed answers, depending on whether people desired fellowship or not, so opening up the conversation here.


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Level 3/Step 3 mean zero unless you fail. Just take level 3 and do well on your inservice exams for fellowship
Reviving this thread with a few questions:

Does a DO need to take either Step 3 or Comlex 3? OR both?
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This isn't accurate.
  • In 44/50 states, DO students can complete the USMLE exams for licensure.
  • 5 more states (CA, MI, OK, WV, and PA) are more complicated. These often have requirements that are clearly in need of an update (such as permitting the substitution of the defunct FLEX exam for older doctors but with no mention of USMLE). MI, OK, and WV may give reciprocity (i.e. get licensed in one of the usual 44 and you may be able to transfer). Pennsylvania also requires a dedicated OMT exam if you haven’t passed Level 2-PE. The language here sometimes says “similar” requirements and sometimes says “equal requirements.” I have no idea what constitutes what here, but certainly wanting to work in these states would be a reason to finish the COMLEX series for now.
  • Only Florida actually specifically demands a full suite of COMLEX scores.
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Hmmm… Well that’s good news for lots of students cos COMLEX seems to be written by a bunch of lobotomised monkeys… BUT if one has taken only COMLEX 1,2 would then switching to USMLE for 3, not be a big change?

I took COMLEX and USMLE 1,2 and then COMLEX 3
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