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Jun 25, 2015
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Hi all,
I had a quick question for anyone with experience with this - is it possible to take prerequisite courses online while not compromising on their credibility?
I am a recent graduate from a top 10 university as a biology major and global health minor with ~3.7 cumulative GPA (sGPA is likely lower but still reasonable) and will be working as a management consultant for a well-known firm.
I dropped the pre-med track during my sophomore year, but have started to really question that decision for the last year and a half. I definitely don't think I was ready to go to med school right after college, so I am fully determined to immerse myself in my consulting job in order to see if my feeling of regret comes just from not having experience in other fields; however, I do feel like medicine is what I see myself doing as a long-term career as of now.
I do want to give other fields a chance, but I think that if I feel a similar way a year into my job, I would want to make moves to start fulfilling pre-reqs. As a biology major I ended up taking most classes with the exception of: Orgo II, Physics II, Biochem, or GenChem II.
I will be living in a city without the ability to really go somewhere to take classes every couple of days - is it possible to take 4-5 pre-med requirements as online courses at an accredited university? I know that this is possible in some places, but I am not sure how the lab portions work. If it is absolutely necessary, I could possibly find a way to complete the lab portions at a university near me and just take the lecture portions online (either at the same university or another one). If not, even completing some of the classes, such as biochem (which I believe doesn't usually have a lab portion) would be really helpful.
Is it common for public universities to offer these online? I have heard that the Harvard Extension Program offers some of these reqs as online courses.
The real questions I have here are: How possible is it to complete requirements online in a way that does not compromise my transcript? How do labs work for online courses like this - is it possible to mix and match (meaning taking the lecture portion of a class at online at one institution and the lab portion on campus at another)? Will these show up as online classes on my transcript and will that hurt me in any way? How much of a time commitment do you think these 4-5 classes would be if I were to only take 1 or *maybe* 2 a semester (would I be able to work while taking these if I space them out well)? Also, would these courses simply add the prereq credit to my transcript or actually factor into my uGPA (rather than a graduate GPA)?

Thanks for any and all help!
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Apr 25, 2014
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Depends on the particular med school. Some programs frown very heavily on online courses and some don't. MD schools are the one's with the tightest requirements and some specifically say they require core sciences to be taken at a brick and mortar.

Don't try to mix and match lecture and lab at different schools. It will raise huge questions and many schools require lab as a co-requisite.

Look up particular schools you are interested in attending and see what they want specifically or risk eliminating some.

Good luck
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