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Jun 20, 2007
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    I have 2 weeks till the test and I just took aamc cbt #5 and got an 8 in verbal, my worst score ever. I still pulled off a 33 cause I got a 12 in PS and 13 in BS. That verbal score is really freaking me out though. I did the EK 101s and was getting pretty consistent 10s and I got 11s on cbt 3 (37 total) and 4 (39 total). Is this just a fluke or should I be worried? I just wasn't concentrating well at all. I would finish reading the passages and wonder what the hell just happened. What should I be doing over the next 2 weeks to calm myself down?


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    Mar 15, 2008
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      Uh...take solace in the fact that you have gotten consistently above 10? And you said it yourself, you weren't concentrating well so this one may very well have been an anomaly. Maybe take a couple more tests to verify this and your science sections are great enough to make up for even a sub-par verbal section.


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      Jul 18, 2006
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        Probably anomalous. I started hitting consistent 11's in EK, got an 11 in CBT 5, and then did 6 timed EK passages (late at night, a bit off in my thinking, and low in time) and got a 6!!!!! My most recent 6 are averaging technically on the low 12 side and it may not mean much b/c GS sucks for VR, but my GS have been 12/12/11/10 (the difference between a 12 and a 10 is 2 raw points in GS VR, so its not much fluctuation), so I think it was an anomaly, and that's probably the case with yours.
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        Feb 20, 2007
          lol I remember I took my last cbt and scored a 12 PS 13 BS and a 4VR! I averaged around a 6 in verbal though (averaged 12's in PS and BS!)...just dont freak out and trust in yourself...If you are scoring that high on the others than you are perfectly fine...damn pre-meds...RELAX

          I scored a 6vr 11BS 11 PS on the real thing...
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