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Jun 24, 2002
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Those of you in dental school:
Does anyone in your classes tape the lectures? I remember seeing some d-school's website that posted transcripts of professor's lectures. I did this in information-heavy courses as an undergrad.
Is this even possible? Or is there just too much info. and too many time constraints?

Also can you share study tips, how much you studied etc ??


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Jul 24, 2002
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It will depend on the school you go to I guess.

Here at the University at Buffalo, most courses have pre-printed notes that they give us at the start of the semester, or notes given out during the lectures. For the very few classes where the instructors don't give notes, we did have to tape the lectures and have somebody transcribe them (only happened once so far in the two years I've been here).

My sister, who graduated from NYUCD in 2000, told me that the class had to organize a transcription service to get their lecture notes.

Your experience will be somewhere within that range I guess. :D

As far as study tips go, I can only say this: DON'T FALL BEHIND. Miss just one lecture and you will spend the rest of the semester trying to catch up. The speed at which the instructors move through the material during freshman year (especially Gross Anatomy) left me breathless. :p I'm proud to say in the two years I've been at UB I haven't missed a single major-course lecture yet.
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Apr 20, 2002
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its a good idea to record lectures. especially if you are a good learner at listening. i think it may help you alot. near your finals they may help you alot.sometimes during the lecture if your concentration is diverted, the recordings will help you to understand those points that were missed during the lecture. go for a good recorder, with good audio sound.
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