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May 31, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
Bundle offer: ALL the listed books for $280+shipping. (took notes on every TBR chapter lol, you could have those if you should want that too)
note: If you live in LA, you can pick them up.

TBR set: ($250 + shipping) [NO WRITING/NO HIGHLIGHTING]
Organic Chemistry (80 pages have a tainted color near the edges of the pages due to a spill but it's fine)
General Chemistry

Want my TBR notes? you can have them with the TBR books. I went through the books extensively and took detailed notes on each chapter. I can include my ANKI flashcards, if you'd want that. I have a big binder of notes on all of the books I mentioned above. Each chapter is summarized into ~7 pages on average.


older TPR set (before the 2015 MCAT): (all of these are free if you buy the TBR set)
(contains some writing and highlighting, I used it for when I needed another perspective on a concept)
-General Chemistry Review
-Biology Review
-Math and Physics Review
-Verbal Reasoning Review 2nd edition (forgot to put this in the pictures)
-TPR 3rd edition (bought new unlike the other TPR books, this is a comprehensive straight forward book, it contains the TPR MCAT strategies)

Additional: ($60,+ shipping)
-ExamKrackers 101 CARS passages (test 1-4 have highlight/writing, tests 5-11 are untouched)
-ExamKrackers 1001 Physics questions (the first 3 pages have writing, otherwise untouched)
-Psychology: Themes and Variations (Psychology Textbook which covers many MCAT psych terms, I used it to look up terms when I needed clarification)
-Kaplan General Review Notes (some text, and highlights)
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