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Jul 19, 2005

i leave in less than 5 weeks for australia to begin my 5-year
journey to be a veterinarian. i was thinking - i'd love to
improve my technical skills while i'm in school.

the first semester, i've earned advanced credit for all but
one course, and the second semester, i've earned advanced
credit for one (of four) courses. with my spare time, i
thought i'd take some courses in australian culture, history,
etc. while i (naively?) think my first semester will be light,
i thought i'd try to find a job as a vet tech. anybody with
experience there know what the requirements are to work as
a veterinary technician? i've only a couple of hundred hours
of volunteer work - hopelessly scratching only the surface. i
know in some states you must be registered to do anything
interesting. wondered if it's the same in australia.


best wishes to all applicants...

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