Jun 2, 2020
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I recently applied for a telehealth job in my state. I interviewed with a psychiatrist who runs the company and we hit it off. I got asked all of the standard interview questions and was given good feedback. She remarked that she was happy with my performance and wanted to pass me on to the next step. Ok?

The next step is that I’m given a piece of paper with a client’s background. I am expected to engage in a 45-1hr therapy session while three therapists watch and evaluate my performance. On google meets. She told me to channel my graduate school days. What fresh hiring hell is this? I felt confident in my skills until this was brought up. I’ve never heard of an interview like this. Would you do this or say peace out?


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Jan 7, 2010
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I wonder if they're a bit more hesitant in hiring with the interviews being entirely virtual (not that it'd matter in all actuality), and/or have been burned in the past by folks who interviewed well but were not good therapists.

This is something I'd expect more if I were applying either straight out of grad school, or for internship/postdoc (where it's more abbreviated but not unusual). I can see the rationale, but I'd personally likely be turned off by it. Then again, there's a good bit of variability in the quality of doctoral-level providers, and I've seen even more at the master's level. Other professions include practical components in job interviews, so maybe it's not a bad thing if the mental health field moves in that direction.
Jun 2, 2020
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It isn’t that I don’t understand in some way. I guess I feel like I already did this in grad school, internship, and when I was in supervised practice. They were the most anxiety-inducing experiences and I hated them. I did fine. This interview is on google meets, and I’m not completely comfortable with the platform. Also, when I see patients in real life, I go to the waiting room and get them. We have casual banter back and forth before entering the office. This serves as an icebreaker and eases people into the session. With telehealth, they just pop on your screen and it’s kind of go time. I’m sure I can adjust.

I was sent a 1 page synopsis of why this patient was presenting for therapy. For a virtual mock therapy session, I was hoping for something more easily addressed. This patient has major depression, anxiety which interferes with their ability to leave the house, has daily poly substance abuse, struggles with insomnia, had her support system move out of state, is morbidly obese and is approaching bankruptcy. The psychiatrist reports the patient is non-compliant and doesn’t follow through with prescriptions. I don’t even think I mentioned all of the things.

I’ve had clients with this level of problems before, but we unpacked them a little at a time (after prioritizing them).

I have no idea what the expectations are for me? I’m leaning towards doing a detailed intake and letting the client tell me in their own words, but I already have that written intake. When I was in practice, my clients filled out an intake and I used it to guide the first session, but I often let the client explain in their own words.

I’m really doubting myself.
Nov 22, 2016
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I have no idea what the expectations are for me?
It sounds like the first interview may have been to assess interpersonal fit and this second interview may be for clinical fit with the psychiatrist's treatment approach and how therapy sessions with you will supplement their work with these patients.

There's a lot to unpack so how you go about prioritizing goals, collaborating with the client, figuring out how your skillset can be utilized to help this client improve, and recognizing limitations. Good luck!
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