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last year there was a thread I started called Finch, Vermont and Temple Interview....try to do a search, b/c there's some good info on Temple in it. I filled out an SDN feedback form from my Temple interview.

If you get Dr. Cadena, he's a little untalkative and made me feel uncomfortable, but he warms up at the end.

Make sure you know exactly why you want to go to Temple.

Oh, and the only people who interview are adcom members, so your interviewer will be at all the adcoms meetings (which I believe are every Friday).

My interview there was boring, but the tour was great and the people there are really chill (right phllystyl? ;)) I didn't get any difficult questions, I just talked about my past experiences and ECS. They'll have your whole file in front of them during the interview and might look thru it and ask you about bad grades or for clarification on ECs.

good luck!
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