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Therapy Exam Prep is an online NPTE webinar program. The 3 month program is designed to emphasize a positive and open mindset when studying for the NPTE. There are three areas that TEP focuses on: exam analysis, clinical thinking and the holistic approach towards the NPTE. This foundation combined with tips, techniques and strategies are given to provide participants the best outcome for passing with live and on demand videos, moderated forums, clinical thinking assignments and online resources. Success in the program is due to proper preparation, applying the academic knowledge to the clinical scenarios and being active on a daily basis.

Exam Analysis
In order to study smarter, TEP teaches you how to perform an exam analysis in a step by step and detailed manner so that you can understand your weaknesses. When you know exactly what to study, TEP guides you in developing a systematic study plan so that you accomplish more with less information. TEP's exam process shows you how to read the questions so that you are able choose the answer within 72 seconds.

Clinical Thinking Approach
The NPTE is written by PTs and base the questions off of patients they have seen. This makes the exam clinically based and not an academic exam. The academic study habits and preparation won't be the best methods to prepare for this clinical scenario exam. TEP provides a clinical thinking approach and treats each question as a patient. TEP also provides tips on being able to view studying clinically with reinforcement assignments.

Holistic Approach
The NPTE is more than just an exam and TEP acknowledges this by treating you as a whole person when preparing for the board exam. TEP emphasis on 3 aspects: psychological factors, body influences and soul replenishing. The combination of these aspects addressed throughout the program helps you overcome various factors to guide you through a better successful NPTE outcome.

Program Goals:
1) To maintain a positive and open mindset towards the NPTE.
2) To perform a detailed exam analysis on practice exams.
3) To perform the exam process when taking the practice exams.
4) To develop proactive preparation plans to maintain focus during the NPTE journey.
5) To develop time management skills for balancing life and studying for the NPTE.
6) To incorporate the holistic approach of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
7) To develop clinical thinking skills when studying the NPTE material.
8) To develop techniques and implementing strategies on reducing fear, anxiety and stress.
9) To build confidence and support system while preparing for the NPTE.
10) To realize and understand that schedules are flexible and to avoid stress.

TEP Support System
TEP is a support system while you are in the program for 3 months. TEP provides support while studying for the NPTE as well as to help with your everyday obstacles and challenges. You'll want to know that you are not alone and that TEP is here while on your NPTE journey with guidance, support, motivation and help. TEP also provides extra forum support on a monthly basis for continued support after the initial 3 months.

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