terminated without cause

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Nov 24, 2005
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Recently our group 3 of inpatient docs was terminated without cause and unit closed. Wondering if anyone has been through this before and pitfalls to watch out for. Hospital is paying out salaries through the notice period at which point employment officially ends.

I've been reading about separation agreements in which docs get some guarantee of good/neutral reference to future employers, payment of tail coverage, possibly other things, in exchange for agreement not to pursue legal action against the employer in the future. Has anyone done this? It has not been offered by the hospital as of yet, so I assume I'd have to get a lawyer to assist me in requesting it if necessary.

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This is why an attorney always should review contracts. What does your contract say about who pays tail in the event of termination? What does the contract say about termination without cause in general?

Contracts typically include all of these details. If you had no contract, my state allows termination without cause anytime the employer wishes and no requirement to do anything else.

Without a breach of contract with specifics, I wouldn’t even discuss with my attorney. I’d just move on.

I’m used to seeing separation agreements when both parties want to terminate a contract early to avoid legal actions. This doesn’t appear to be the case here.
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Yeah it seems like a lawyer would be a waste of your money if there is nothing for the lawyer to review. What does your contract say? Why would you pursue legal action against them to begin with? How did they breach anything? Also, isn't a reference more of a personal thing? Couldn't you just ask your direct supervisor and avoid all the stuff involving the company?
Only pitfalls I can see are pursuing next job that doesn't set you up for same future.
If you are an IP doc, look for state/unit/hospital/health system/admin viability.
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