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Terminating AEGD program may jeopardize specializing?


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Mar 30, 2011
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I have graduated this year, and I have started AEGD program from July. The only reason why I participated in AEGD program is to apply to ortho program this year, which I already did. However, I am having a family emergency that I need to start working and may postpone my plan to specialize to the future. When i explained my situation to director of program, she mentioned termination of contract may jeopardize my chance to specialize.

Can what she is saying be true? I know that if i had matched into the program, termination of it may bring issues for future match plan. But i did not match into this aegd program, but rather directly applied. And, since it has been only two months since the beginning, so I even think i dont have to tell anyone that i briefly participated in the program.

What are you guys thoughts?

Aug 3, 2017
North Scottsdale, Arizona
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Not sure. You do not need to do a residency in AEGD to get into Ortho. Again ... prior class rank is everything. Family emergency is the top priority. Have your AEGD director write and sign a document explaining your family emergency and the reason you had to reneg on your AEGD residency.

Good luck.
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