Sep 7, 2010
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I have applied for extended time twice and they rejected it both times. I need help to because I cannot finish tests on time with my disabilities but they have been impossible to deal with as far as granting accomodations. How do I get extended time on my board tests?


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Jul 12, 2006
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Good luck to all of you who are completely qualified, but must 'suffer' through this process. DON'T GIVE can do it! Remember that you HAVE the knowledge if you are passing your classes in medical school.

Unfortunately the only way to become a (resident) physician in the USA is to take a standardized multiple-guess test. I think this will eventually change and the format will become more similar to the CS/PE (as this is more representative of how well a physician performs) or potentially even just oral examinations, but until then...

keep your chin up...grin and bare it, cause this is 'as good' of a system as the USA has developed to 'assess' and/or 'compare' medical graduates thus far.

Someday YOU WILL be able to look in the mirror and say "I'm a doctor", but only if you REALLY want it!

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Nov 8, 2011
For those of us with ADHD, an oral examination could be much worse. For many, following oral instructions, or really anyone talking to you, can present real challenges no matter how important the information is or how much we tell ourselves to focus. Simple lecture instruction is the worst learning structure for us. We're that kid getting up and leaving the classroom 3 times during a single lecture to "go to bathroom" (or whatever other pretend reason). Yeah, I know by now that no one is really buying that my bladder is THAT small, but I'm so used to trying to provide a rational reason for something that isn't making any sense: that unbearable and unexplainable urge to get up and move about. A CS exam would be much better because you're active and engaged physically as well as mentally. Sitting through an oral exam, on the other hand, could highlight the biggest weaknesses of our condition. How many times can you ask your examiner to repeat what they said before that starts to lower your score? Just a thought regarding the evolution of exam formats with regard to those with certain disabilities.