Texas A&M. expectations? career outlook? etc.

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    just wanted to get in touch with some people who are attending or who have attended Texas A&M University seeking a verterinary career.

    i'm 21 years old. i graduated from my TX high school with the highest class GPA in '05 (my school didn't rank students) and a SAT score of 1560.

    from high school i received several scholarships and ended up attending a private, largely libral arts affiliated college in PA.

    i knew that i always wanted to be a vet...my choice of college reflected the scholarship package, the size of the school (i'm from a very small town, and believed that i would fair best in a small college), and the apparent 'exclusivity' the college boasts. however, when i started studying there...i was highly disappointed in their science departments and math department...there was only one professor that tought all math courses...the level of academic integrity of that college was severely misrepresented to me...however, i figured i was stuck there for at least two semesters.

    my stay there ended prematurely though, when a death in the family required me to come home in mid december and financially support my younger siblings. i've been working as a manager of a retail store ever since.

    recently, i've been very fortunate and i will now be able to return to school without worry of financial burden.

    my hope is to attend Texas A&M University, major in biomedical science and then go onto Vet-School...most likely at A&M also.

    i would like to know about anyone's experience with the University pertaining to this major, academic integrity of the courses, difficulty of acceptence to A&M vet school, and any other helpful information anyone may possess. also, DVMs? was it very difficult to secure a job after graduation?

    thank you.



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