Sep 1, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
Not completely sure if this belongs in the WAMC thread...but I will ask anyways.

I'm an ORM Texas resident who wants to match into a residency in Texas and work in Texas in the future. However, I also want to maximize my chances of getting into medical school the first round.

cGPA: 3.86
sGPA: 3.80

cGPA: 3.76
sGPA: 3.73

MCAT: 510

Pretty good EC. Lot of clinical hours, decent research hours with a poster and a potential publication as second author, good non-clinical volunteer hours, etc.

Anyways, stats aside, I am applying 2021-2022 cycle and want help deciding whether or not I should waste my money on OOS schools? I know it is more competitive but my GPA is also lower and I am a Texas Resident.

I intended on applying OOS initially, however, my MCAT was lower than I wished for and am now rethinking my entire application cycle.
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