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Jun 22, 2006
I figured we could use a new thread that separated questions about TX secondaries from those about TMDSAS.

I know this is irrelevant for those who already have submitted secondaries (never mind those with interviews already -- congrats!).

The last question on the TMDSAS thread pertaining to secondaries was about UT SW's experiences and clinical settings...

Since UT SW emphasizes that they want you to list and to avoid paragraph format, I'm not going to put any descriptions down. I suppose these might guide interview discussions (dear people with UT SW interviews...what did y'all do?)

Clinical settings: I'm comparing my experiences in a community hospital to those in a major academic/research hospital and pointing out why I liked one preferentially.

Now for a question of my own: Should I list AP Physics or two physics courses I took in college on the UT SW secondary? The secondary says that we need "one year as required for science majors including a full year of corresponding laboratory experience." Science majors at my school can use AP Physics, but engineering majors, such as myself, can't. If I used the two college courses, I'd have to list a B (argh for no + signs). I know this isn't going to make or break my application, but why should I list the B if I can avoid it?
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