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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by moo, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. moo

    moo 1K Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 4, 2000
    I am so sick of this... I am taking the GRE and going to grad school. I cannot stand AMCAS any more, I have wasted so much money on this process, and for what? AMCAS has won and I am admitting defeat. Good bye everyone and good luck.
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  3. kutastha

    kutastha 2K Member Physician 10+ Year Member

    Jun 24, 2001
    You'd feel more defeat in four+ years of grad school than in one summer of AMCAS.

  4. mooo don't give up now....your half way through....and GRE's any better...

    who knows...maybe they have also have an organization like AMCAS andwith your luck, they might decide to go online!

    listen to andrew....his been there :D
  5. katiep

    katiep Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 16, 2001
    We're all pretty much in the same boat. Stick it out.
  6. SMW

    SMW Grand Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2001
    anchorage, ak
    C'mon, Moo, don't quit now! Go to the !!!!I'm so sick of all of this!!!!!!!! thread and vent, take some time off from AMCAS & secondaries and do something fun, remind yourself why you started the whole process.

    Do anything, but don't let the whole mess get to you. And certainly, don't take it personally. We're all in the same boat.

    P.S. While reading through some old threads I realized you hadn't posted in a while and wondered where you went. Hope you'll reconsider and stick with it.
  7. moo

    moo 1K Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 4, 2000
    Thanks for all the replies. SDN continues to be the caring and compassionate community that it was when I first joined. You will all be excellent doctors.

    I have been pondering this decision for the a week now. It's amazing how much I've done. But it's time to move on for me. I'm afraid venting won't work for me, SMW. I think I should just take some time away from everything... away from SDN and away from pre-meds in general (no offense). Who knows what the future might hold? I may decide to come back a day, a week, or a month later and decide I might try medicine once more.

    Thanks once again for everything. I wish you all luck in this process and hope you all achieve your career goals. This is going to be my last post... for a while at least. A big thumbs up to SDN, and a big F-U to AMCAS. Goodbye, and God bless.
  8. aah, I am going to miss that guy :(

    sheesh...I hate to think that all the ones who are going to stick to the very end are pple who have high GPAs, high mcats and HIGH egos....argh..... :(

    medschool won't be fun with those pple....yeesh...moo, anybody who finishes the yale secondary.....can still make it alive ;) dont quit bro.....I believe in u :D
  9. Daredevil

    Daredevil Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 28, 2001
    Moo, you deserve a nice vacation in the Caribbeans or some other nice places just to get away from all this med school crap. Don't give up just yet!! Take a break!
  10. Georgey

    Georgey Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 1, 2001
    Austin, TX

    After reading your last post I will have to suppose that this won't find you but I thought I'd send it off anyway....

    I totally hear what you are saying. I too am at the end of my rope. My circumstances are probably much different that yours, but the end result I think is the same. Basically, my life lately has hit somewhat of a down-cycle. I got laid off from my job a couple of months ago--I taught med assisting classes at a vocational school. The economy and job market have hit me hard. I caught on with another school but I now only teach night classes and thus earn wages on a whole twenty hours a week. I have been going into drugstores, pizza joints, etc. trying to get any additional income to be able to pay for secondaries and the like (AMCAS was all on a credit card which I will probably spend the next six months paying off) and all have told me that they won't hire me because they feel a college graduate wouldn't be around long enought to make it worth their while. This is, of course, in addition to the three hundred plus resumes I have sent out. I finally hit rock bottom when I went into a local hospital today to try and fill my time doing some volunteer work. They told me they already had enough volunteers, so basically I can't even give my labor away. This is all at the same time that my girlfriend, and I thought soon to be fiance, moved out, and now won't even return my calls. The only reason she gave before closing the door behind her was that I seemed too fixated on getting into med school. Thus I didn't pay enough attention to her, and she thought it would only get worse when I was in med school. She took all the furniture except for my desk, so now I'm sleeping on the floor. I came out of the gates fast with three interviews. But one is over and didn't go so well, the other doesn't mean much since that school (UTMB) interviews the majority of their applicant pool, and the other, Tulane, is just about the only thing keeping me sane. I come to this board about five times a week and, even though I'm happy for all those getting ahead, I usually end up sad and frustrated because all the schools that have had my completed apps for about a month are now sending out interviews invites and I haven't heard anything from them. And to cap everything off, I called AMCAS today to find out why my app (submitted on 6/25) hasn't been touched, and they said they are missing a bunch of transcripts (3) that they had previously told me they had. I can't even afford to have more sent off. So basically, like you, just to keep my sanity, I have to get away from all this. If interviews come, then great, but I can't bring myself to look forward to them anymore.

    I just wanted to say that the time I have spent coming here to this forum has made my premed experience much warmer than I would have ever dreamed possible. You all are awesome and I'm sure you will all make great docs. Best wishes to everyone. I may or may not come back. If I don't, I just wanted to say that I would have been happy to have truly known all of you on more than just a computer screen, be it as a colleague or not.

    Take care,
  11. George not you too! :eek:

    come on people...have you heard of bad I believe you can make it....

    oh what the christ...maybe I should turn in the well.....all the good ones are leavings...this sux :(

    oh what the fu*k, I am still stuck with Medical College of Ohio....stop staring at me you dumb application....ARGGGGGH :rolleyes:
  12. listen people. I almost had a nervous breakdown too...

    I went away for a week, told the post office to keep my mail, and came back and lo behold!

    I had an interview offer from GWU.........

    we have all made it through dumb lower division classes, stood up against dumb faculty, took the dumb MCAT...we can't quit now :(....

    come on guys....we can all do it....all for one and one for all.....
  13. Rhiana

    Rhiana Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    Los Angeles, Ca
    Oh Honeys, don't back out now. I know this is hard, we all know this is hard, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I beg of you take one week where you aren't looking at anything that has to do with med schools. Go out, reconnect with the friends you've been putting off, and just chill. At the end of the week go somewhere where you are completly alone and close your eyes and imagine where you want to be in ten years. And what you want to be doing. If you decide to quit after that then hey, at least I tried. But maybe you'll remember why you did this.
    I say this because I did the same thing when I was younger. I knew I wanted to be a doctor but I graduated high school with a 2.07. I went to my first pre med club and completly gave up, I had no science background. Then I got really sick. I was forced to spend time by myself and figure out who I was. I decided that at least I had to try. There is supposed to be some great comeback story here where I say I have an excellent GPA right now and great MCATs-but I don't. And I may not get in but at least I tried. The world is full of wasted potential, I know what it looks like, and you don't want to be there.
    It's hard right now for those of us who don't have the most amazing stats. We love everyone here but it's hard to see some of us excelling and some of us slipping away. we all want the acceptance but not all of us will get it. Nothing I can say will make it an easier, but i can tell you that you're not alone. I wish you the best of luck and happiness, and I hope that you don't give up.
    If you guys ever need a friend or a drinking buddy, send me an e-mail.
  14. simpleton

    simpleton Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 20, 2001
    Moo - Quiting now is like being up in a plane getting ready to skydive and not jumping out. You just need to calm down and let the slow wheels of AMCAS churn. And besides nobody likes a quiter and nobody wants a quiter for their doctor. I hope you will return, perhaps after a restful lapse away from the world around you.
  15. doctorperez

    doctorperez Jesus was a dissident 10+ Year Member

    Dec 3, 2000
    Vice city
    Good LOrd!

    I need a Drinking/Talking Buddy right about now..I will not throw in the towel But I say we sure need a premed support group...

  16. md2be06

    md2be06 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 15, 2001
    Hey moo and Georgey, c'mon guys, don't give up yet! Look at everything you guys have gone through to get to this point. What were all those years of studying and sacrifice for? I know that it's hard to believe, but this will eventually sort itself out. If med schools lose potential applicants such as you guys because of these AMCAS hassles, then that's a bigger travesty than the web application ever was. Just chill out and don't let frustration over AMCAS or what's going on in your personal lives keep you from one day becoming a physician.
  17. MorningLight210

    MorningLight210 Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 29, 2001
    New York, NY
    moo and Georgey, I know that you probably are not even reading this, but on the slight chance that you are. . . please do not lose hope. Your situations sound so difficult, I can truly sympathize with you...but don't let this ridiculous process BEAT you, you are both too good for that! You both have so much potential, and most importantly, from your comments on this board, you both are caring and all around GOOD people. We need doctors like you!!! I know it must seem so overwhelming, and I won't try to downplay what you're feeling, especially in light of the other circumstances that are complicating matters for you. But please, do not lose hope. You are better than this asanine process.

    I will be praying for the both of you, whatever paths you choose.
  18. DesperatelySeekingMD

    DesperatelySeekingMD Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 13, 2001
    moo and gregorey, All that I can do is to second everyones pleas to not give up...and my only piece of advice (and this is from some hard knock life experience) is what is in my signature.....good luck in whatever you decide....
  19. gmendese

    gmendese Porn Star 7+ Year Member

    Dr. Perez is absolutely right. And you know what? This process isn't THAT bad! I've been hearing about people for weeks now complaining about submitting their applications months ago with no verification to this day. Yeah that sucks, but get over it. It's not like the schools are full or anything. EVERYONE IS IN THE SAME BOAT so it really doesn't matter much. Stop stressing about AMCAS so much. There's nothing anyone can do and the schools are just as backed up as AMCAS at this point. SOme haven't even sent out any secondaries yet, so don't worry.

    Just for an example, do you want to know stress? Here you go:

    Imagine having studyied so hard for the April '99 MCAT that you lost 20 pounds in the process. But you took it with Kaplan and scored SO HIGH - the highest scores they had even seen in fact (14, 15, 14) and they offered you a teaching job which you accepted. So you were confident about the real exam. You took it and BLEW IT! You scored in the mid-twenties because you froze. But you graduated summa cum laude (3.82) and applied anyway and retook the MCAT in August. You improved, but got nothing like your Kaplan finals. You got some interviews and waited, waited, waited. You got wait listed and waited, waited, waited. Then you got rejected a week before classes started in AUgust and retook the MCAT again (for the third time) and resubmitted an AMCAS application. THen filled out a ton of secondaries. You got your MCAT scores back and you did the SAME! You did well in the sciences and writing sample but got a 7 in verbal - again! WHich makes you look like an idiot considering you teach for Kaplan and are a writer. But you get more interviews than the previous year, and then wait, wait, wait. The post man even loses an interview invitation and when you call the school for a status check, they inform you of your letter but you have called so much later than the letter was dated and the only spots they have available are in APril! THen you get wait listed again by a few schools and wait, wait, wait. ANd guess what? You're rejected again but they tell you if you improve verbal and maybe take a couple of classes to stay academically active, you might get into your first choice (coming from the admissions committees and your advisor). So you retake the MCAT for a fourth time and submit an AMCAS application for the third time only to find AMCAS in a complete state of chaos!

    Sound fun? I didn't think so. THat's been my life for the past few years. NO BREAK! But it's what I want and I know I have the stats and drive to do it. If I hadn't gotten any interviews, maybe I would have given up, but those wait lists keep me going. I'm still in it to win it and I'm not giving up. I'm enjoying my year off. I'm buying a car, writing a second novel, working, and enjoying life as best as I can. I hope you all can do the same.
  20. johnthestreak

    johnthestreak master of disaster 10+ Year Member

    Aug 29, 2001
    inside your head
    guys, seriously reconsider. i mean we did NOT go through all of college to give up now. I know that all those classes were for a reason. show them what you're made of. you've made it this far, don't give up when the finish line is in sight.
  21. Gotrob

    Gotrob Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 4, 2001
    I wish both of you the best of luck with whatever you do, but I think maybe you are making the right least for now. AMCAS woes certainly are affecting every applicant this year, but applying to med schools in the past has been no walk in the park. Check some posts from a few weeks ago, and you will see people who were wait listed and just accepted a day or two b4 orientation. Many were never accepted and are trying again and again. If the current AMCAS situation is enough to deter you, maybe med school isn't for you. Somehow I think situations much more stressful than this will pop up during a medical education and career. For now go to grad school, get a job, or live on the beach for a while. Get your head clear and figure out what you really want. It will never be to late to go to med school, and hopefully if you decide to try again, the system will be fixed.

    Goof luck

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