The Bad Standard

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May 26, 2008
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So I thought i would take a break and do some easy flash cards from Gold standard. First time i've looked at them and my test is sat.

Pretty sure they did more harm than good. They said peptide bond formation was via hydroylsis, which it is not it is a condensation/dehydration rxn.

Another thing they said was polar covalent bonds are weaker than non-polar colvant. I can kinda follow the reasoning of this looking at strong acids and such. Is this an accurate statment by them?

I guess the way I was looking at it was, greater diff in electronegativity and size of the 2 atoms would lead to polar covalent bonds being stronger.?

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If a covalent bond is polar, then the electrons are polarized to one of the atoms that partake in the bond. It is weaker for sure! That's why acidic protons are always in polar bonds, right?