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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Jim Henderson, Oct 30, 1999.

  1. Jim Henderson

    10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 1999
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    Welcome everyone, whether you are a premed, med student (DO or MD), physician, pre-med advisor, parent, high school student, other health care professional, or anybody who reads and contributes to this site.

    Prior to merging with the SDN, medicalstudent.net had its own very busy message board system.

    Medicalstudent.net is honored to have merged into the SDN and is pleased that the transition has been so smooth for our members.

    As far as chatrooms go, for now, medicalstudent.net has a java based realtime chatroom with a suggested schedule of chats. When the SDN gets its own room, Medicalstudent.net will merge it's chat room too.

    Don't worry, no matter which member of the SDN you access message boards and chat rooms from, you will always be on a common, shared system, communicating with the same, fine people.

    In the end, Medicalstudent.net, one of the largest and most frequented medical education sites on the internet, hopes its example of UNIFYING premeds, medical (DO and MD) students, other health professionals, and physicians by sharing message boards and chat rooms with other great sites will set an example for the commercial sites that still separate and divide this community.

    In our opinion, no network of websites and no message board system comes close matching to the quality and quantity of this system.

    Medicalstudent.net is honored to be in such a fine community with premeds, DOs, MDs, med students, premed advisors, parents, high school students, and other diverse members. We are also happy to be in association with the other great medical education sites that comprise the Student Doctor Netork.

    Stay tuned over the next couple of years as our website network becomes more tightly integrated, more user friendly, and simply the best place for future healthcare professionals to communicate and get information.

    Good to be here! Thanks for joining our community!

    Jim Henderson, MD of MedicalStudent.net http://www.medicalstudent.net
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