Position Available The Dermatology Department in UC Davis, and Dermatology Service at the VA Medical Center seeking highly motivated candidates as a Postdocs


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Mar 26, 2018
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Dermatology Clinical Research Fellowship
UC Davis Medical Center/ VA Northern California HealthCare System
Department of Dermatology
Rivkah Isseroff, MD

Duration: 12 months
Start: June/July 2021
Interviewing: March/April 2021

Available to begin July 2021

Department of Dermatology at UC Davis and Services at VA Medical Center seeks a research fellow for 12 months beginning in June or July 2021 under the direct supervision of Rivkah Isseroff MD, Chief of Dermatology at VA Northern California Health Care System, Staff Physician Director for Wound Healing Clinic at VANCHCS, Associate Professor of Dermatology at UC Davis Medical Center, and Consultant for Shriners Hospital for Children. Dr. Isseroff brings together unique team of physician including dermatologists; general, vascular, and plastic surgeons; podiatrists; interventional radiologists providing cutting-edge treatments including medical, surgical, and physical therapy; hyperbaric oxygen; electrical stimulation; physical modalities for healing; tissue-engineered skin therapy; and skin grafting. Also, she has successfully worked on multiple clinical trials with diversity of wound presentation, over 5000 cases of wound ulcers. She has actively ongoing clinical studies including new wound healing therapies, unique dressing and delivery systems, bioengineered tissues, and stem cells. With our provided services, we have been a great center for research advancements.

Position Description:

A paid position (non-GME fellowship) as a Clinical Dermatology Research Fellow focus will on translational, clinical, wound healing related studies, funded by NIH, CIRM, and VA MERIT. In addition, fellow works in a vibrant research environment with opportunity to collaborate with multiple investigators in the department and contribute to ongoing projects and publications. Therefore, a successful candidate will demonstrate strong interest in dermatology, superior independency and productivity in collaborative research environments.

Contact information:
Please submit the following to [email protected]
- CV
- One-page personal statement to discuss relevant experience and your interests

Note: Stipend will compensate with level of training, and is per NIH postdoctoral salary scale, and includes health benefits. Fellows will work in the Sacramento area in sunny California.
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