The Golden Rule/Phil meds & Phil Dents

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Sep 26, 2006
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RE:A Philipine dentist's view of the Golden Rule.

I look at this thread as the most viewed ,longest thread in this board. It aches my heart to see how our system works .FYI; dentists all over the world are being treated beyond torment by the American Dental system as far as restrictions of dental practice in the US goes. How many US students desired to take Dentistry in the Phils? Nada.What does this tells you? Why ther are so many US students goes to the Phils for medicine? Becoz it is not only tormenting to be told to go back to school for another 2 years but also accepting the condescending presumption that our knowledge as dentists are not good enough.Never mind the cost( 250K$ )to be accepted in a special program called AEGD advanced Ed grdaute in Dentistry. My point is why then our Phil medical school requires reciprocity from the US to admit more doctors & dentists ( like NAFTA with Mexico ),workers so we can even out the playing field. Requiring reciprocity agreement with US will increase jobs & economy in our country,why? If US & the PI forged an agreement to loosen up the requirements for Phil professionals , we will be attracting more students all over the world to bring their dollars in to go to school in our country so we generate more jobs for our people & our exports of professionals.So Philippine MD's don't have to to nursing to get find a job. Or they probably don't have to leave the Phils if econonmy boom through school expansion. Looking at this thread alone speaks so much to us that we should ,not just Drs but forge an agreement of reciprocity for all professions. You scratch my back <i scratch yours.Our cheap tuition fees & excellent curriculum are hounded by most Americans for cheap money.

To all of you who cares about our country , bring this idea to the Philippine Congress. Downloaded these website & show them the data.

Our fight as FTD's is coming close to an end soon ,8 yrs in the US Congress but still monopolitic,but we are too close to break the wall. WE are the Foreign trained dentists all over the world that the ADA hammered so badly & very heart wrenching to reminisce. Now Philippine Med Docs, you have an easier task than us once you are here as US Medicine is not as monopolized as the US dentistry,the barrier is how to come in. Reciprocity will solve this.We need to join forces with other allied health & go from there. By kanya kanya never get / take us anywhere.



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Dec 16, 2006
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i don't think anyone in this forum cares about FTD's. You've got your own problems. Besides the goal of the medical profession in this country is for them to serve their own people not as an export product (as you mentioned, we are NOT like tuna's and meant to be exported fish products in a can!). The fact that a lot of medical doctors are leaving the country is simply because of financial reasons. But WE WILL NOT BE TREATED AS export products/professionals. That is a lot of BS!

If you think the philippine economy will BOOM as a result of school expansion, think again! This is not the Carribean islands that makes a living building expensive medical schools for American students who don't make the MCAT and Milk them for $$$.

Quoted "You scratch my back <i scratch yours.Our cheap tuition fees & excellent curriculum are hounded by most Americans for cheap money"

cheap money? you're talking about the medical profession as "cheap?" 700,000 pesos may be "cheap" to those americans but not to filipino MDs!
a filipino MD/specialist spends that much for a four year education plus 5 to 6 years of backbreaking, sleepless, unappreciated training just to be a called a specialist. How many years does your profession spend on actual training? given the fact that a lot of shady "orthodontic" training schools are offered around the country for only 6 months.

and furthermore, while we appreciate opinions about other medical professions in this thread, YOU harping about the problems of foreign trained dentist in this thread, and the fact that the ADA doesn't recognize you, well... thats a totally different world.