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FYI: If there are any pre-pod students that are looking for a good comparison of medical school options, a few SDN members have put together this book. Your's truly Dr_Feelgood help contribute the the DPM section of the book. As a member of SDN you receive a discount, there is more information below. :D

SDN Medical School Admissions Guide

Now available for pre-sale, the Student Doctor Network's Medical School Admissions Guide. Written by Christian Becker and the SDN volunteer team, including medical students, residents and physicians.


All your medical school options (MD, DO, DPM, Caribbean & international)
How to become a stronger applicant
How to gain admission to medical school
How to succeed in medical school
Details about pre-med, medical school, residency, and beyond
Tips and suggestions from successful medical school applicants
Personal statement and interview advice
Detailed scholarship and financial discussion, including military and National Health Service Corps options
Publication Profits

This book is a labor of love by our volunteer team. All profits generated by SDN on the sale of this book go directly to operation and development of the SDN website and resources.

SDN Member Discount

Thanks to all the members that helped with the development and publishing of this book. Current SDN members get a pre-publication discount of $17.69. Use code "sdnsale"

Pre-order your copy here.
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