The Official Step 1 "I have been waiting for several weeks, WTF!?" Thread


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Jun 1, 2008
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Date Taken: May 27th

Version: 2.0

How do I feel: I can't take this much longer Wednesday mornings around 11am my sphincter automatically contracts.

If I don't pass I wish I would have received a heads up several weeks ago not even with a score, just an email or even a voicemail maybe even just a fax saying "you didnt pass, we need 7 weeks to figure out how bad it is, start studying now."

Ugh next 24 hrs are going to be brutal!
Jul 9, 2009
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seriously..i was expecting to know tonight but if scores are not available tomorow i might seriously go crazy...and if this rumored 1 week delay comes true then i really dont know what ill do..ha.
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