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Jan 13, 2002
Buffalo, NY
Hey guys. I heard about some pass program in Michigan or Chicago and it's $2500. Is is really worth it. Do people do well in it after going in the program? Is it something for only aimed at students who may have had sub-par performance in the first 2 years and are worrying about failing. Thank you.


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Oct 16, 2002
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It is funny that you, from Buffalo, just posted this. I have a friend in your medical school who took the pass program after failing step 1. While he was taking the course, he said that it was great....but then he failed step one again, so i dont know how wonderful it was in the end. I do however know that after he failed he tried calling the coordinators several times and no one ever returned any of this calls...they pretty much kicked him to the curb.

FYI, last i checked the pass program is located in Champaign, IL on the Unviersity of Illinois campus. (unless it has several locations).

My opinion of the program is that most ppl take it after they fail step 1. it is a month long.