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    I know it's still rather early, but can someone tell me what happens during "the scramble"? (ie how do I receive the unfilled list, who do I call first, how much help will the Dean's office provide, etc) Especially those whose Dean's office is CaRMS or ECFMG? I'm a Canadian grad but not allowed to go for the Canadian match (not permanent resident nor citizen). I think my chances are not all that great with getting what I want and may have to rely on the scramble.

    And how long does it take to apply for the J-1 visa?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  2. To obtain the NRMP Unfilled program list you must either be registered for the match or get it from someone who is. If you are registered for the match and do not match, you will be sent the Unfilled program list or can obtain it on-line with your applicant code.

    YOU need to make a rank order list to determine which program you will call first. There is no reason to call any other program except those that you prefer, in the order of your preference. This order will necessarily be different for every applicant.

    You should have available to you your CV, transcripts, photo, USMLE scores/ECFMG certificate so that you can FAX them to programs. ECFMG will serve as your dean's office if you are a non-US/Canadian grad and will forward your letters of rec; your Dean's office in Canada should do the same. If you anticipate going unmatched you should speak with your Dean and the Chair of the department in which you wish to match and ask them if they would be willing to call US programs on your behalf on Unmatch day.

    I don't have any information on visas; but you might want to check: or

    Hope this helps.

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