The transcript with all final grades and degree?

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Apr 10, 2010
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I am planning to send my transcript as soon as possible with the matching form.
However the final grade of one class (architecture class) that I took this spring will not show up on my official trascript until the end of June.
Also the record office notified me that my degree will not show up on my transcript until the mid Aug.
Can I just send the transcript without the final grade of my architecture course first and resend it when my transcript is updated?
Or do I have to wait untill the final grade of my architecture class shows up on my transcript and send it?
Is it okay to send my transcript without my degree on it?
Thanks guys!

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Once you hit submit and AADSAS processes your transcript, that is the last time they will look at your transcript. The next time will be in December when they will let you update your course work from the fall semester (if you are in school). IF you submit the transcript without the grade, it will not count towards your GPA; instead it will say incomplete or whatever it is for the course on your transcript currently. Having your degree on the transcript is not really important.