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Jan 9, 2005
I was curious, what do you wish you had either known when you started pharmacy school or just done differently since the start of pharmacy school. I was just accepted and I am one of those people that tend to learn the hard way. If you have any sage (or otherwise) advice for those of us getting ready to start, I'd really appreciate any reflections about your experience or advice you wish you'd had or would like to offer.

Also, if this should be in pre-pharm, I'm sorry... I wasn't sure where to put it!!


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Apr 19, 2003
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If you intend to do something other than go into retail, you need to distinguish yourself from your peers, show leadership...get involved! Run for class and association offices and actually do something you would be proud to put in your CV, and talk about at interviews. Do some philanthropy and community work if you can. Consider joining a pharmacy fraternity. People may chime in here and say:"fraternities are a waste of time", but these are not so much social fraternities, as they are professional fraternities. Just look at the backgrounds of many residency directors and pharmacy chiefs, and you will find that they themselves were very much involved in their organizations, whether they be fraternities or ASHP/APhA. If you do decide to go up for more prestigious residency spots, you'll find out that you are up against other students who have done other extracurricular work (winners of clinical skills competitions, organizing "operation diabetes", etc.) You simply will not stand out in this crowd by simply going to class and passing your tests. You need to start early in your pharmacy school career, and try to enhance your leadership skills. Of course, this is all easier said than done, and not everyone can do this...but do what you can. It will be worth your while. You'll have more options later on.