Think I have a chance at UPenn?

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Feb 17, 2009
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    no sweat - hope to see you there. i'll be attending there this year.

    try posting in the upenn thread and see what the other pre-health kids had when they applied.

    im in SSP so it might be diff for me


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    Apr 21, 2009
    South Jersey
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      Howdy from Texas yall.

      I'm graduating in the fall with my *ahem* BA in Theatre. It was last year I really decided to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor and I will be applying to UPenn Pre-Health Program around one year after graduation. Here are my specs, let me know what you think.

      1. 3.55 GPA & BA in Theatre; Minor in Psychology
      2. 1160 SAT (This is low yes?)
      3. Over one year's volunteering work at Texas Children's Hospital
      4. 6 months research work for a TCH resident

      What else do I need to focus on? Would you make any recommendations as far as volunteering or trying to boost my application? Should I take the GRE to defer my low SAT score? I think my GPA is good but not AS competitive as it should be. I know I want to go to UPenn no question. At present, my interest is pediatric oncology and I really like the program there.

      Thanks for the help!

      I would not sweat the SAT score. My SAT was not that great, but I explained in one of my essays how my standardized test taking skills have changed dramatically for the better since high school. As for volunteering, it is always good to continue if you are able to do so. As a pre-med student, you are expected to volunteer throughout the program at UPenn. I think you have a great shot at getting into UPenn! Good Luck!!
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