Thinking about Dropping Physics 2

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Jan 31, 2011
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So im currently taking physics 2, microbiology, orgo, a writing class and 2 easy one credit classes, a total of 17 credits. Im pretty sure Im getting an A in everything but Physics. I got an A in physics one but my teacher this semester is horrible. The average on the first test was less than 50% plus his tests are completely different from the work he assigns. I dont know what to do about the class cause if the class goes the way its been going me and everyone else in the class will be failing. Im currently a sophomore with a 3.94 gpa and 4.0 science gpa but I also have one w from last semester. Another thing to consider is if I drop physics 2 i'll only have 12 credits. I have room in my schedule to take physics again but Im not sure how taking only 12 credits looks to medical school. Help me figure out what to do please!

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I don't think taking 12 credits for 1 semester will look bad on your application at all. I took 12 credits one semester, and have been a successful applicant this cycle. Question--what did you withdraw last semester? If it was another science course, I would reconsider dropping a science course again this semester. It may look like you are unable to handle the rigor or such courses. Depending on your grade in physics 2 right now and the assignments/tests you have left, you may be able to pull up your grade if you work hard enough. Receiving B or B+ in one class won't hurt you badly at all, especially with the stats you have. Congratulations on the stellar GPA!