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Feb 21, 2005
I am more than likely going into peds, and I am starting to work on my 4th yr schedule. I've been reading some of the previous posts about needing to do away rotations, etc, etc. I am doing one away rotation to evaluate for sure if I am set to do peds (I want to make sure its the specialty and not the program at my school that I like so well). I don't have any particular residency programs in mind that I want to go to yet, so I don't know what to do about other away rotations. I figure that if I had one or two in mind in particular, I would definately do an away there.... But since I don't have any particular in mind, I don't know whether or not its worth it to go to some random hospital for an away rotation "just to see". What's the best process to begin looking for programs, evaluating them, etc? What are the benefits of a small versus large program size? Thanks for your help!


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May 24, 2003
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do your aways at prestigous children's hospitals where you'll interact with and get letters from influential department chairs.


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Jun 11, 2002
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This is how I chose. Make a list of the important things to you. Mine worked out like this.

(1) Geography- I want to be near to family and friends. Others want to be close to mountains, ocean, etc.
(2) Competitiveness- I want to go to a competitive program so I am doing an away elective there.
(3) Level of academic prowess- Do you want to go to a hard-core academic powerhouse or a community program or in between?
(4) Fellowships- Are you interested in doing a fellowship? If so, it may benefit you to go to a place where they have the fellowship.
(5) Other students' advice- ask other students at your school about away rotations (or your friends at SDN :thumbup: )

Check out FRIEDA at ama website for specific.