Third MCAT Retake

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Oct 24, 2023
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I can understand how this must be super frustrating. Unfortunately I do think your scores were inflated from these being second attempts. 8 FL tests in 3 months seems like a lot, so while it sounds like you used a bunch of other resources it seems like maybe you spent too much time on practice tests and not enough on content?

I tend to lean towards recommending you just apply, primarily with a wide net for DO schools. You’re DOA for MD, but I’m not sure there is much you can do to change that even with a 10+ score bump coming from CA. I don’t know that you’re a shoe in for DO, but before you drop a bunch of money on another MCAT prep and test maybe try spending money on an actual DO application? If you’re not getting bites by mid cycle then you could start the process of retaking again.
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I think it depends on how badly you want to do MD vs how bad you want to be a doctor. A lot of people will tell you to go the route that'll get you into med school the quickest to decrease the amount of attending salary that's lost for each year spent trying to apply. There's also the fact that some schools seem to average MCAT scores, so keep that in mind if you do decide to retake it a 3rd time. I've taken mine 3x so I'm all for doing what you need to do to get to where you want (or need!) to go. Just my 2 cents.
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You took the exam rushed and got a 499; took the exam with prep and scored a 501.

I can't recommend a retake as it appears you've hit your plateau.

As to FLs, even I can hit .300 in batting practice.
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I've always wanted to go MD but am trying to open myself up to DO
I'd be interested in hearing why exactly this is. I have a lot of students with the same mentality, but they can't really clarify what it is that makes them want MD over DO: sometimes it's a perceived prestige of the degree, or that they always wanted to be an MD.

I would be very careful to consider what exactly is making you prefer one over the other and sure that it's concrete reasons.
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The 501 will close a lot of doors, but a 3rd re-test is also risky. I would only retake if you’re absolutely sure you can do better, otherwise just craft your school list accordingly
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Honestly, your self-studying approach isn’t working. Highly recommend taking an in person prep course from one of the major test prep companies. I finally went that route and scored 515+.
Two MCAT scores below the 50th percentile will rule out all but the most mission-driven MD schools(e.g. Loma Linda, HBCU's, PR). That 30% your advisor referred to is largely comprised of individuals that strongly fit these missions.
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DOA for MD schools

OK for a number of DO schools:
LECOM (all)

IF you retake the MCAT you need to stop self-sabotaging and only take it when you are 100% ready for it. The MCAT is a career deciding exam that is as much an assessment of common sense as it is of competence.

Your advisor is a nincompoop and his advice needs to be ignored
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