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Mar 17, 2006
Fredericksburg, VA
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Those of you that have been thru the process I need your opinion. I am doing a postbacc to fulfill prereqs for dschool. By the end of the summer, I will have all of my prereqs done, but I will have only taken 1 "highly recommended" course. Next year I will be taking biochem along with a bunch of upper level bio courses. If I think I can get in this coming cycle I will do DATs at the end of the summer, if not then I'll wait until xmas time to give me more room to study. My GPA is a 3.8 in the postbacc and my undergrad GPA (Music) was a 3.6. I've been teaching HS for the past 10 years. Waste of time/money to apply this cycle? Thanks for the input!


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Mar 11, 2006
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I would apply. Schools do have varying requirements though, so I would check their websites.

If you aren't in any rush, waiting another year and taking more recommended courses will obviously improve your application. However, it sounds like you will be taking them during the application process so they will be on your "to be completed" portion of the AADSAS which will be fine.

No need to wait another year, you are plenty competitive (assuming you do allright on the DAT).


Good times, for a change.
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Sep 1, 2004
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I am a postbacc and was in a similar situation as you. if i could have done something differently this cycle i would have taken the DAT earlier... I scheduled to take it July 31 or something but ended up taking it August 30th. I think that it was the major hold up with my application.. I ended up getting a good amount of interviews but the interviews to the schools i really wanted were in January so it was a very stressful process.. I did end up getting in at my top choice school though :D

Try to send everything in as soon as possible. I think if my DAT and papers were a week or two later, i would not have had as many interviews nor gotten in where i wanted to (Pacific) as i went to the last regular interview for that school and all further interviews there were for wait list spots..

Give your self adequate time to prepare for the DAT... sometimes that makes the difference between a 21+ and an 18. if you finish your summer class early in the summer then i think you have enough time to do it.. I think you're in really good shape though.If you apply this coming cycle you are gonna be under a tight application schedule. If thats okay with you, then i say apply.

Ive been taking classes in my lag year and I sometimes wish I had more time to relax, work and make a little money before dental school so having another year is not such a bad thing...
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