Thoughts on my ECs please..

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Apr 24, 2007
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Hey all, was just curious about what you guys think about my ECs and if anyone has any advice on how to improve them if necessary.

ER volunteer for about 6 months
Around 50 hours job shadowing
Chemistry workshop leader for 4 semesters
Biology Adviser for 4 semesters
Volunteered at a local middle school - led science club for two semesters and fencing club for one semester
Vice president of the pre med club for 2 years
Worked as a manager at the public swimming pool over a summer
Counselor for a swimming camp (only a one day camp)
Lifeguard for 3 summers
Helped organize and volunteered for Play for a Day - spent the day playing games/sports with kids to encourage physical activity.

I realize I am pretty light on clinical experience so if anyone has any ideas of how to boost that please let me know. If someone has an idea of something else I could do to make my app look more interesting please let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Some personal experience with medicine (as a patient)

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Sep 4, 2006
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Another year of weekly ER volunteering will get you to the average level of involvement in patient care that folks list on their applications of 1.5 years.

I usually suggest 60-80 hours of physician shadowing split among a few specialties. Work on that.

Your community service looks to be very good, with elements of teaching, which is desirable on its own.

Your leadership is multifaceted and well above average.

I don't see any research. Did you plan to get that in before applying? Even a semester or summer's worth would be helpful. Don't forget to add hobbies, sports, and artistic endeavors. If there is a good story behind the fencing, that could make you unique.

You can touch on your personal experience as a patient in your Personal Statement, provided it had an impact on your career plans, and so long as it is presented positively and doesn't shed doubt on your abilitity to successfully complete your training.