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Grip it and rip it!
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Sep 19, 2001
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Here's a PC that I am really thinking of getting from Fry's.


I have posted earlier about wanting a mac, and I still will likely do that, but it is just so cost prohibitive at the moment.
I thought this was pretty good (2GB memory) although i know nothing about the quality of the processor.

Any thoughts, preice seems to good to be true.

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Jun 6, 2002
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You can't even begin to compare the two systems, the PC for the same price is much better equipped.
Yea, I agree. That PC is pretty well equipped for that price. Although I'm a Mac fanatic, I will admit Macs charge a premium price for their computers.


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Apr 24, 2003
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That's a good processor. But does it have a separate video card, or is it built into the motherbaord? (built in isn't great.) Plus, if you are going to run vista, make sure the PC is more than compatible (even if it comes with vista, it might not be powerful enough to run vista and windows aero and other things you want.)
No monitor or printer with this one? Do you have those? I don't know how powered you need the PC to be, but you can get a decent/good computer for less with a good monitor and printer. Maybe not good enough for vista though, but xp is fine.
my 2 cents.
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