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Three-Generational Family Therapy

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Jun 9, 2010
    Has anyone here heard of three-generational famly thereapy? Of course, this type of famly therapy would also include the grandparents and not just the nuclear family. A psychiatrist introduced this form of therapy to me--to cure my mental illness, which he originally diagnosed as early psychosis. My parents paid this psychiatrist a good deal of money for each three-generational family therapy session. My family and I have done twelve sessions in total with the psychiatrist so far, and I am still not better, although I have made progress since I was at my worst. The funny thing, though, is that he promised to completely cure me and get me off all of the medications that I am/was on. It has been over three years since my family and I started the therapy with him, and I am now on two different anti-psychotics, along with an anti-anxiety medication. The anti-psychotics that I am on are zyprexa, 20mg/day, and risperdal, 0.5mg/day (the risperdal is at a low dose because I just started taking this medicine). The anti-anxiety medicine that I am taking is paxil cr and is at 25mg/day. Anyway, if anyone here has done or has practiced this form of therapy, please reply with your experiences with it.

    I do not give a **** about putting my information out here like I just did, because I do not give a damn about what people think of me.
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