Oct 27, 2010
I have already interviewed at Tufts, NYU and Buffalo, and I have Pittsburgh to go to on Nov. 15. I have no other interviews scheduled at this time. I am a NY state resident and most likely I would attend NYU or Buffalo over Pittsburgh, IF accepted to either. But, I still havent seen Pitt.
Pittsburgh plane tickets are VERY expensive and the car/bus ride is about 10 hours from NYC, which would be intense. Not to mention the hotel/food costs for those days.
Is it worth it to go to my Pittsburgh interview pre-december on Nov 15? Or can i/should i reschedule it for a post-december interview, after I hear back from the other three schools? What does one do in this scenario, honestly?
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Jul 17, 2010
I would absolutely go...you are very fortunate to have multiple pre-dec interviews. Congrats! There is no guarantee that the other three you have interviewed at so far will offer you an acceptance (although I'm sure you did well at the interviews, I'm just being a realist with the high competition this cycle). What if the scenario was that Pitt was the only school to offer you an acceptance? Or if you pushed Pitt to post-dec, and now you're on waiting lists at the other schools? The list of possible scenarios goes on...but like I said, there are no guarantees.

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Oct 8, 2010
I would also go. You want to maximize your chances of success!