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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by SYD, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. SYD


    I am just trying to plan my USMLE I very soon, just wondering if mid August early enough - for 2003 residency program.

    Then hopefully step II in September. I don't if I allocated enough time, but I have 3 months off for both.

    Any comments please..
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  3. carddr

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    Sounds about right...have you taken the Toefl and the CSA? You will need to complete them if you're are looking at the 2003 Match. Watch your scheduling on the CSA as timing is crucial for scheduling the test and the reporting process. This is assuming you are a IMG...from Austria
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    Your timing sounds ok, but doesn't leave you much wiggle room. To take the CSA, you have to pass step 1 and the toefl. To get into the 2003 match, you have to have taken the CSA usually by mid January, and the spots at the end of the year fill up fast. If you take step 1 in August, wait 6 weeks for results, you might have some trouble getting a CSA spot. In the worst case senario of failing step 1, you will definately have trouble getting a spot.
  5. SYD


    Yes, Iam an IMG from OZ. CSA, TOEFL I am pretty much OK because all what I need is a pass. But like you said I will try and get a spot at the earliest opportunuty.

    What bugs me is USMLE I, II. I finished my degree in yr2000, currently a resident. I managed to get just 3 months off from hospital for stepI -6 wks prep, step II 4/5 wks prep and then a couple of weeks to New York for an observership to familiarise myself before before the interviews
    Do I sound a bit too optimistic ??
  6. Winged Scapula

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    SYD, if you trained in Oz, you don't need to spend 2 weeks in NY for an observership. Your clinical skills taught in Oz will suffice for the CSA.

    You can take the TOEFL at anytime, the scores are good for 2 years. I would register for and take it now so that the scores are available and you can register for the CSA at your earliest convenience.

    In addition, since most residency programs don't care about Step 2 scores and you have some clinical experience, I doubt you will need 4-5 weeks to study for it. Granted if you have been away from some areas (ie, Peds, Ob-Gyn) you will need to brush up on those, but the vast majority of the exam is general medicine. Assuming this is what you've been doing you HO years in, you should be pretty well set for the exam.

    In any event, I agree with the others, try not to take the exam any later than August. Scores are now coming sooner but I'm not sure that's true if you take it abroad.

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