Medical Tips For Applicants With A Low MCAT Score (Part 2)

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The MCAT score is crucial to making it to the interview stage of the medical school application process. For those with low MCAT scores who want to attend a US allopathic medical school, the only real option is retaking the MCAT.

Decision Time: You DO Retake the Exam

If you are committed to obtaining an MD, then you should plan to retake the exam and make it your last retake. Although schools do not penalize applicants who take the MCAT two or three times, before taking the exam for a third time it is key that you make the third sitting your final attempt; more attempts reflect poorly on your application.

Keep in mind that many students do not prepare enough for the MCAT, thinking that their coursework is sufficient preparation. This is a faulty assumption, especially for applicants who struggle on standardized tests. Applicants need to study hundreds of hours over several months to review and prepare for the test. Applicants should utilize preparatory courses, private tutors, and varying prep approaches to succeed. Applicants need to have real discipline to do the necessary work – 40 hours a week for several months. It is also extremely important to take practice tests regularly (ideally weekly) in order to master not just the content but also the necessary test-taking skills to succeed under the additional test-day stress.

Retesting Resources

A last piece of advice: Do not take the test unless you are scoring (on practice tests) above the range that you feel you need for admission. The confidence you possess on test day knowing you were scoring a 33 on practice tests is a large part of the mind-game you must master to succeed. Hard work, discipline, and true motivation are the necessary ingredients to MCAT success.

See Part 1 for advice about your options without retaking the exam.

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