Tissue oxygenation monitors

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by corpsmanUP, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Anyone using these devices in their ED's? We are studying them here and thus far the data are interesting. We use them in septic patients as a measure similar to the SVO2, and we slap them on all arrests. It is cool to see the real time change that occurs with CPR pauses and what not. It shows how long it takes to recover back to a normal perfusion pressure when you pause CPR for any reason.
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    This is the St02?

    We were using them in our ED as a trial and I was unimpressed. By just re-setting and recalibrating the number would change 10% or more. It might be useful in some trauma patients, and maybe in addition to an SvO2 TLC, but not instead of. Supposedly they have updated the software and fluctate less, but we aren't using it anymore.

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