To all those who have gone through interviews or are in residency what can I expect?

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Feb 9, 2002
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Hi everyone. I originally posted a similar message several months ago. I was just wondering what do you think I should expect if I apply for radiology this upcoming year (i.e. 2003-2004 application cycle). I have a 240s board score, one first author publication, three more first author publications to be in print probably sometime in late 2003 or early 2004, go to a top 5 medical school, have stellar clerkship evaluations, will have stellar recommendations, but am not AOA (due to mediocre board performance and pre-clinical performance). Will my lower board score and non-AOA status hurt my chances at the more competitive residency programs? What sorts of places should I expect to hear interviews from and how many places do you think I should apply to? Any input from anyone who has gone through the process would be appreciated.

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Are you kidding? 240's ?????!!!!! There is NO way you could even land an FP spot with that mediocre performance. Seriously, come on man you don't need me to toot your horn, but if you must, will be fine.
I agree with Bull's eye...

With those credentials, and without a PhD, you can forget about FP, much less Rads :rolleyes:
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Very mediocre indeed. You might have a shot at some community programs in southwestern Wyoming. Good luck with that average resume and in the future try to have at least 5 first authors and a book chapter.

'Stupid questions get stupid answers"
Hey guys. Sorry if I sounded arrogant. I really just want to know what kind of shot I have at the top tier programs (i.e. Hopkins, UCSF, MGH, Duke, etc...). I have heard rumors of people with first author publications and boards in the 260s that don't match at these places, but was wondering how true these rumors really are. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Since you only go to a top 5 medical school, you will have your work cut out for you. Your 440's would have been fine if you had gone to the TOP school and did well there. Too bad that your school is only among the top 5, and you did so poorly such that your are not AOA, which is mandatory. To have a chance, you NEED to get scores in the 460s.
The publications with you as first author is slim. With so few submiitted for publication, you will have to account for your lack of productivity. I hope those papers would be published by the major journals (AJR, Radiology, Radiographics etc.) and not lesser journals.

Because of your weak application, perhaps you may consider taking a year off to bone up on research and reapply, and not waste your time and money for this match, since all radiology applicants have great credentials. And many with your mediocre record are promptly rejected- there applications routinely sent directly to trash bin.

Or you can consider another specialty that is not as competitive, where your poor record will be overlooked.

I recommend Ped. FP. Path. Psych, IM. PM&R maybe out of reach.

I wish you the best of luck in your career. You tried your best and will probably end up somewhere. So there is hope for you yet!