Jul 17, 2009
Today is the last day I can push back my MCAT date, and I'm debating what is more important, getting my app in a week earlier or pushing my score up a point or two? I'm nervous because I know it's already a bit late to apply (I won't get my scores in until end of Aug/early Sept). My GPA isn't stellar (3.43), so I know my MCAT is important. I'm getting around 28 on Kaplan practices. Thanks so much!


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Mar 28, 2009
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I'm in the same boat - I'm probably going to push back my august 6th a week to have a bit extra time. I would say take the extra week if you feel you really need it - it won't make a huge difference at this point in the applications - We're already pretty late in the process lol... At the same time, it might be better to get the test out of the way if you don't think you'll have the drive to put in the hard work for yet another week.. your call but either way isn't bad!