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    Hi doc,
    Thank you very much for the response.Could you please tell me why this program always go for post match.Is there any chance for residents to get in to fellowship after residency.I am concerned about this.Please share your thoughts.If you know anyhting about primary care interview in alameda okland hospitalplease let me know.thank you .
  2. Hi...

    I don't have any "hard data" on why UCSF-Fresno's IM program traditionally doesn't fill in the match. I suspect that one reasons is the reputation of Fresno as a big ol' cow town with nothing to do and the weather (freakin hot in the summer and foggy and wet in the winter). Frankly I can think of a lot worse places to be and since I moved away 4 years ago, it has gotten a lot better (there is actually a Starbucks in town now and several Borders/Barnes and Nobles). The city population is nearly 500,000 and the metropolitan catchment area is several million.

    I'm sorry that I can't help you with information regarding post-residency fellowships in IM. You would be well advised to simply ask when you are there for your interview - every interview I've been on has provided that information freely. Talk to the residents and see if residents seeking fellowships are supported in doing so, and WHERE they go.

    I'm applying for surgical residencies so also can't comment on the IM program at Alameda/Oakland. Check out the Interview Insight at and see if anyone has any comments on that and UCSF-Fresno's program.

    Hope this helps and best of luck to you.


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