Took the computerized OAT 10/19


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Jul 26, 2005
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Hey All,
I took the computerized OAT on 10/19(3 days after the written). The exam was a bit harder than i expected..especially biology and the reading comprehension. I've used Kaplan and topscore to prepare. When I took pratice exams, i got around 360 but during the actual i scored only 320. The reading comprehensions I had was a bit difficult complex passages, espcially the last one since It was on quantum physics :confused: But I did well enough on all sections that I will be attending SUNY this coming fall because I've applied early decision.
Is there anyone interested in buying my kaplan books (2000 edition that i brought off ebay-with subject study material) and the new 2005 kaplan edition book where they only have pratice exams.
I also have the topscore CD which i purchased in september.

Those who wish to know- i felt that topscore was much harder than the exam and it helped prepared you well but Its not good at the same time because students get discourage by their scores on topscores. So my advice is-prepare as much as you can with both kaplan and topscore so you can get an optimize pratice for the OAT but do not let your score on topscore discourage you. Last but not least, purchase the OAT kaplan study book with study materials for each subjct. The new 2005 edition book is just a book with pratice questions so i would recommend this book for pratice exams but if you need review-use the big 1000 kaplan book.

Hope this helps! feel free to email me if you have any questions or interested in buying my study material

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